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Wed•Set•Go started off as a passing comment:

"Why isn't there just one place where I can search for everything related to my wedding! It's so tiring to search everything separately on Google".

And that was it! I mean...she was right - why WASN'T there a website with everything in one place? And so it began...And now we're ready to show the world.

We're a family and YOU are our members - all professionals, brides, grooms and day-dreamers alike. Designing your dream wedding starts here no matter when your wedding is. Whether in 30 years, 3 years or 3 weeks, we've got you covered.

No matter who you are and why you join our family, we hope you'll build relationships through creativity, collaboration and inspiration.

Welcome to Wed.Set.Go!


Success Stories

Raihana & Arif

Yorkshire And Humber, United Kingdom.

Henna is an Art. And Art takes time ... sometimes even up to 6/7 hours! But that’s all worth it, especially if It’s for your wedding day! 😍.


London, United Kingdom.


Instead of always looking for the best partner, focus on being the best partner

~ His Holiness Mahant Swami Maharaj ~