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THE FINEST INDIAN SWEET MAKER - 140,000 happy customers. 5 years in business. 12 stores nationally. 300 events catered.

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From aged just 16, Sam already had a strong passion for cooking. She would dream up cake and dessert recipes and ask her mother to bring as much back of it as she could during her weekly shop.

Sam loved creating new flavours and beautiful designs. From 5 foot gold sequin cakes to tender and light personalised wedding treats.

Word spread and Sam quickly became known as the go-to person for exquisite cakes and sweets when there was a local event.

Barfia now has 12 stores across the UK and it continues to expand. Customers tell us that our unique flavours, design and the complete Barfia experience keeps them coming back for more.

Sam’s unwavering passion for Barfia continues to drive innovation in the form of new tastes and experiences for you to enjoy.

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