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Kamal Pandey
Kamal Pandey

Kamal Pandey

Kamal Pandey

London, UK

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I perform a ‘silent’ Hindu wedding ceremony where I recite the verses in Sanskrit with an explanation in English, Gujarati & also in Hindi if required at various stages of the ceremony. This allows the couple and the guests to understand the reasons for each part of the ceremony and allows everyone to be a witness to the marriage and give the due respect the spiritual ceremony.

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JAY SHREE KRISHNA. My name is Kamal Pandey. I was born in a family of Hindu Brahmin priests. I began studying the Vedic scriptures at the age of 6, in a Gurukul (Spritual Ashram).

My strong cultural and traditional foundation stems from the 10 years of education and nurture in the Gurukul environment. This experience allowed me to develop a deep understanding of the Vedic Shastras whilst providing groundwork for my journey into spirituality and becoming a Hindu Priest.

Upon completion of my studies, I was presented with wonderful opportunities at the temple to strengthen my understanding of the Vedic Shastras and become increasingly aware of a system of rites which are important for different stages in a person’s life. I continue to learn the significance and benefits of spirituality and what it means to each of us.

I conduct various Hindu ceremonies, in particular I specialise in Hindu wedding ceremonies. My goal is to always deliver a Wedding ceremony service from the heart, in uniting more than just two people, but in bringing two families together by providing an understanding of the meaning of the marriage and explaining the sanctity of the vows.

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